UpriseRI: Hotel workers picket Omni Providence for fair wages, reasonable workloads and affordable health care (7/21/2018)

WPRI: After long hearing, City Council panel recomends 46-story tower be voted down (7/20/2018)

  • Ward 1 Councilman Seth Yurdin, who represents the neighborhood where the tower has been proposed, said the city should listen to hundreds of residents who participated in a public process for the city’s overall zoning ordinance, which was approved in 2014.  “If we move forward and approve this, this spot zoning proposal, we're telling all those people their input doesn't matter,” Yurdin said.

UpriseRI: Contentious testimony before the Providence City Council on Fane Tower (7/20/2018)

Providence Journal: Proposed Providence high-race faces uncertain prospects at City Council (5/19/2018)

LA Times: Rhode Island's capital aims to create affordable housing(4/20/2018)

  • 'Councilman Seth Yurdin, a Democrat, introduced the resolution to create the commision, calling adequate housing a human right. The full council co-sponsored it.'

Providence Journal:  [Councilman Seth Yurdin]... endorses Aaron Regunberg for Lt. Governor (3/19/2018)

UpriseRI:Providence City Council considering plastic bag ban (2/16/2018)

Providence Journal: Dakota pipeline project measure submitted in Providence City Council (2/16/2017)

  • “More than ever, it’s up to our local governments and state governments to stand up and take the proper action,” said the amendment’s sponsor, Councilman Seth Yurdin, as a group of activists silently held up small signs in the council’s chambers. Providence CIty Councilor Seth Yurdin has proposed [to] require any bank that contracts with the city to submit an affidavit to certify that neither it nor any of its affiliates is 'a lendor or investor' in the Dakota Access Pipeline project. 

ecoRI news: Citizens Bank Target of Boycott and Divestment Protest (2/9/2017)

  • City Council member Seth Yurdin introduced an ordinance calling for the city to divest its holdings from Citizens Bank until the bank stops doing business with Sunoco Logistics Partners, one of the principal [Dakota Access] pipeline developers.

Brown Daily Herald: City revokes Penthouse nightclub's license following violations (11/6/2017)

RI Future: No LNG in PVD brings their opposition directly to DEM and Raimondo (10/18/2017)

WPRI: Mayor Elorza, CIty Council in standoff over bike lanes (9/15/2017)

  • The resolution was opposed by..Seth Yurdin from Ward 1...Yurdin said the city has worked to increase pedestrian bike access and requiring more studies would be burdensome. He said the proposal was "nothing but a hoop or a barrier designed to make it harder" to install bike lanes. "The problem with that is its really costly and it doesn't make any sense," he said.


 Providence Monthly: Restoring Providence's Riverwalk (8/25/2017)

EcoNews RI: Providence Looks to Switch Sides in Power-Plant Case (7/25/17)

Providence Journal:  Resolution Urges Providence City Council President to Resign (5/16/2017)

Providence Journal: Strong message against corruption (5/3/2017)

Providence Journal: Foiling a sleazy political stunt (4/4/2017)

EcoNews RI: Citizens Bank Target of Boycott and Divestment Protest

  • City Council member Seth Yurdin introduced an ordinance calling for the city to divest its holdings from Citizens Bank until the bank stops doing business with Sunoco Logistics Partners, one of the principal pipeline developers.

ecoRI: Providence Council Takes Action to Limit Plant's Water (2/4/2017)

RIPR: Providence City Council Committee to Meet on Johnston Water Proposal(1/25/2017)

Providence Journal: Providence City Council urges Elorza to take action on Board of Licenses report (9/16/2016)

Providence Journal: City Council, mayor divided on how to spend proposed $40-million city infrastructure bond (7/18/16)

  • Councilman Seth Yurdin agreed, saying the practice was the equivalent of setting up ward “slush funds.”“Bond money is not ‘bounty’ to be divided up by pols,” [Yurdin stated]. “There is zero policy basis here. Sadly, it’s pure politics at play.”


WPRI: Providence Journal:  Opposes Privatiation of Water Supply (5/20/16)

  • "A private company would purchase our water supply for one reason: profit," Councilman Seth Yurdin, the resolution's sponsor, said. "The city gets a one-time windfall, and our residents are stuck paying the bill now and for generations to come."

Providence Journal: Providence parking meters on Wickenden Street? Business wary (8/2/16)

  • Ward One Councilman Seth Yurdin, who represents the Wickenden neighborhood, said he thought the city should pay attention to the neighborhood business people when deciding on the parking meters. “They are more aware of how their particular ecosystem works or doesn’t work,” he said.

Providence Journal: Future of Providence City Council’s grant program divides council members (5/24/16)

The Washington Times: Providence council seeks to divest fossil fuel investments (2/19/16)

  • The council says the board agreed to sell city holdings from the largest and dirtiest coal companies, but hasn’t taken further public steps to fully divest from fossil fuels in accordance with a previous directive from the council. Councilman Seth Yurdin says he’s pleased the board supported divesting from the worst companies, but it’s time to “divest the rest.”

WPRI:  Providence councilman seeks to study police-community relations (1/6/2016)

Providence Journal: Providence Divesting from major fossil-fuel burning companies (7//27/15)

RIPR: Scott MacKay Commentary: The PawSox Baseball Move to Providence: Good or Bad? (3/27/15)Scott MacKay Commentary: The PawSox Baseball Move to Providence: Good or Bad? (3/27/15)

  • Seth Yurdin is the Providence city councilor who represents downtown and the nearby Fox Point neighborhood. He says his constituents have many concerns about the plan, including noise and traffic. He also questions whether a stadium is the best use of land that has been in the planning stages for years as a high-tech and medical catalyst for well-paying jobs. A struggling city could also use an industry that would add to the tax-base of a city already mired in long-term tax break deals and hundreds of acres of land that is not taxable because of non-profit colleges, churches and hospitals.

Taking stands on-key-issues Providence Business News (2/21/2015)

  • In June 2013, Seth Yurdin, majority leader of the Providence City Council, was the lead sponsor of the resolution directing the Board of Investment Commissioners to divest from coal, gas and oil companies within five years and to immediately cease purchasing any new investments in this sector.  The Council's concerns are local. A report from the Coastal Resources Center of the University of Rhode Island reports that Narragansett Bay is getting warmer and rising, threatening shellfish. ... In short, I am pleased that so many people and businesses in Rhode Island are concerned about climate change and are taking actions that should lower the volume of greenhouse gases and, if climate scientists are correct, reduce extreme weather.

Brown Daily Herald: Rally aims to fuel library workers' negotiations (11/17/2015)

  • “I’m here today to support the library workers and to support the students and all the people that are out here and are pushing to improve working conditions,” said City Councilman Seth Yurdin, adding “it’s really important that the community is weighing in.”

East Side Monthly: Councilman asks RIDOT for traffic safety (8/7/2014)

Providence Journal: Providence opens its first public boat ramp (7/14/2014)

Providence Journal: Ordinances restricting contributions advances (5/16/2014)

Providence Journal: Providence Council to consider ordinance to protect pregnant women at work (4/3/2014)

Providence Journal: Council urges curb on antibiotics for livestock (2/8/2014)

Providence Journal: License board could lose pay (11/5/2013)

Providence Journal: Strip club suspension called 'dereliction of duty' (10/23/2013)

Providence Journal: Providence City Council votes to divest from fossil fuel companies (6/21/2013)

Providence Journal: Nightspots face crackdown on bottle service (2/26/2013)

Providence Journal: 75 drawn to gun violence rally at R.I. State House (1/26/2013)

Providence Journal: City commission urges accountability via Web (1/23/2013)

Providence Journal: Council backs divestment of fuel companies (1/22/2013)

Providence Journal: Council to look at nightclub safety (4/21/2012)

Providence Journal: Youths show support for anti-tobacco measures (2/17/2012)

Providence Journal: City's harbor to get attention from panel (1/17/2012)

Providence Journal: Dormody named city's first sustainability director (11/4/2011)

Providence Journal: Cuts help erase city's red ink (7/9/2011)

Providence Journal: Council asks for tax-exempt inventory (5/21/2011)

Colorlines:Providence Says No to ICE Cooperation/Secure Communities (3/9/2011)

  • The Anti-Secure Communities Resolution was introduced by City Councilor Seth Yurdin and passed after immigrant and civil rights groups testified about the harmful effects of Secure Communities on public safety and the immigrant community.

Providence Journal: Diversity task force established to promote business (4/14/2011)

Providence Journal: Council members seek police cutback (2/25/2011)

Providence Journal: Committee OK's $638.5-million spending plan (2/1/2011)

Providence Journal: Ordinance requires clean diesel upgrades (7/17/2009)

Providence Journal: Fox Point Boys & Girls Club's power restored following shutoff (5/15/2009)

Providence Journal: Drive under way in Wayland Square to preserve '50s office building (5/14/2008)

Providence Journal: Fox Point bus shelter will reflect history of the area (3/26/2008)

Providence Journal: City ready to take stand on diesel emissions (2/8/2008)

Providence Journal: City Council members push for global warming initiative (2/6/2008)

Providence Journal: Councilman urges city to tackle global warming (4/4/2007)

Providence Journal: HURRICANE KATRINA : THE AFTERMATH - In Miss., 'the human need was infinite' (9/24/2005)


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